Jean Shorts Cupcake Molds Remind You That You Shouldn’t Be Eating Cupcakes

CAKE-2098If you want rich visual symbolism of what’s going to happen when you consume the fruits of your baking labor, look no further than the these cupcake molds in the form of jean shorts.

Watch in dismay as the silicone molds expand with insidious subtlety, then completely ignore that visual warning because cupcakes are awesome. Fortunately, there are no buttons on the mold that are going to fly off and break your oven door during baking. Instead, you’ll just get to enjoy cupcake molds that, yeah, look like they belong in summer, but whatever, because cupcakes in any form never go out of season.

These silicone cupcake molds come in a set of four, and are going for $13 on Perpetual Kid.

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