This Lego Watch is for the Adults

LEGO is in. Well, it was always in, but now LEGO is hitting never-before-seen heights, as kids who grew up with LEGO bricks scattered around the house are now trend-setting adults. And so, we have the LEGO My Watch.

I’m not sure if the watch is actually LEGO-compatible, but I hope it is, just so people can wear a watch ringed with mini-figures. If not, it still has enough LEGO goodness to make for a solid watch, with each link looking like a small LEGO brick of a different color. It’s also water-resistant, as an extra bonus.

The LEGO My Watch is selling from MuseMini for $25. You can go ahead and put it in the same category of just trendy enough to be OK anywhere. You know, in the same region as the piano key necktie.