The Little Pocket Book Case from Pad & Quill for iPhone 5s: Review

Choosing a case is as much about protection as it is about style. And if you want your iPhone to stand out from the rest, try the Little Pocket Book case from Pad & Quill. The wax seal on the package immediately tells you something about their attention to detail. The case itself is beautifully designed with a leather exterior as well as smooth leather on the inside. The craftsmanship is easy to see in the stitching as well as the embossing on the cover, giving it an authentic old-world book feel.

The beautiful leather cover offers great protection for your phone and the strap is easy to slip off in order to open the case. The iPhone 5s is held snugly by a wooden frame, barely thicker than the phone itself. At the corners are little bits of rubber which keep the phone firmly in place. It’s noteworthy that a few extra strips of rubber are included should one or more of them need replacing. I would imagine this too be a rare occasion however.

Of course all the buttons and ports are easily accessible. Aside from keeping the elastic strap out of the way, the camera has no obstructions.

This particular case doesn’t just hold your phone. There are also 3 pockets for a drivers license, credit cards, as well as a larger pocket behind for a few dollars. I was concerned that this would add too much bulk. The reality was that I barely noticed the extra thickness. Granted it is thicker than other cases, but surprisingly it doesn’t feel much heavier. And combining a wallet with the phone means one less item to carry. The only drawback to this, is that when you hold the phone up to your ear to talk, you’re exposing what you have in your wallet to anyone standing nearby.

Removing the phone is not difficult, though it does take a bit of effort. In previous models, the bookmark could be used as an aid to remove the phone. Not sure why that was changed, perhaps it got in the way when attaching the charging cable. Certainly not an issue now, as the bookmark is attached under the wooden frame. It’s a nice touch that adds to the old-world book feel.


The Little Pocket Book case is a great product. It’s well made, with nice attention to detail. Despite the minor drawbacks, it’s personally my case of choice for daily use. In addition, Pad & Quill are so confident that the case will last and that you’ll love it, they offer a 30 day money back guarantee and a 25 year warranty on the leather, how can you go wrong with that? There are two color choices for the exterior (Onyx Black and Mahogany Brown). In addition, you have up to 5 color choices for the interior. The Little Pocket Book Case retails for $69.99 and is available now.

The Good: Quality construction. Stylish. Real leather. No need for separate wallet.

The Bad: A bit bulky. Minor hindrance of flash.