Looxcie 3 is a $99 Wearable Camera That Live Streams Directly to Facebook

LX3_Red Cover_NecklaceLooxcie has just released a new version of their tiny, wearable video camera. Called the Looxcie 3, it can be worn on just about anything you’re wearing, and can stream video over a Wi-Fi connection.

The Looxcie 3 is for anyone who feels the need to be able to record anything, anywhere, at the drop of a hat. You definitely won’t miss a moment if you use it – it’s easy to start recording with it (in 720p at 30 FPS, with a 100 degree angle of vision), and you can simultaneously stream whatever you’re recording over a Wi-Fi connection and directly onto Facebook, if you choose. You will need a Wi-Fi connection and the companion app on your mobile device to actually stream anything, but if you can’t, recording is easy enough thanks to a microSD card slot for storage and simple one-touch commands, which you can use to take stills as well. Maybe the only drawback here is battery life – Looxcie is saying you should expect about 90 minutes worth of recording time on one charge.

One of the most interesting features of the Looxcie 3 is retroactive recording. The Looxcie 3 is pretty much always recording – it saves the last few minutes of footage in a temporary cache of sorts. If you don’t record, the cache just gets overwritten. But, if you press a button, the camera will save those past few minutes you weren’t recording, so you can still save an unexpected moment that would have otherwise been lost to the veil of history.

Then, there’s the accessories. You can get a rotating social clip, so you can move the Looxcie 3 into a few different positions while you’re wearing it. Different color covers shake up the look of the camera, while a protective case keeps the Looxcie 3 safe from weather and dirt, making it perfect for videos of the more extreme variety. There are also mounts for caps, helmets, and tripods. More generally, there’s also a universal stand with a sticky pad that will hold the Looxcie 3 in place.

By itself, the Looxcie 3 can be purchased for $100. You can also get the $150 social pack, which includes the camera, the rotating social clip, two color covers, two lanyards, the universal stand with sticky pad, the cap clip, and the tripod mount.

Looxcie 3 - All covers available - CLEAR Background

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