Marc Jacobs Even Makes iPhone 5 Battery Cases Look Trendy

marcThis new iPhone 5/5S case from Marc Jacobs takes a new approach to the external battery case, combining style and substance while still keeping a pretty low profile.

It’s a two piece case – a thin hard-shell snap-on case for protection, and a battery sleeve that goes on top to provide an extra jolt of power if you’re running low. Of course, you’ll probably want to keep the battery sleeve on anyway, since that’s the part that features Olive the Bulldog on the back. Olive doubles your iPhone’s battery life, so it’s a good idea to keep the sleeve on either way.

The two pieces look like they fit together pretty seamlessly. It’s kind of surprising that we haven’t seen more battery cases take this kind of a trendy, two-piece approach, but it’s a good bet we’ll see more in the months to come. The Olive Phone 5/5S Boostcase is selling for $98 from Marc Jacobs.