Marley Liberate On-Ear Headphone Review

We’re jammin’ mon, to the new Marley Liberate On-Ear headphones. These unique looking headphones are crafted from earth-friendly materials and wrapped in one of three fabrics made from a number of recycled and reclaimed products. The eco aspect of Marley’s Liberate is a nice bonus to rocking such hip looking headphones with great sound.

The Marley Liberates are On-Ear headphones. They’re not foldable or collapsable, just adjustable. The earcups slide on a lightweight stainless steel headband that’s underside is cushioned in fabric. They’re not the most comfortable headphones we’ve worn, but at least we can wear them for a few hours without them hurting. The earcups are donut shaped and wrapped in a soft faux-leather. The outside of the earcups sport authentic natural sapele wood that’s been FSC certified. All-in-all the Liberates have a really nice blend of different looking materials.

The cable is not removable, but it’s braided in cloth and tangle-resistant. The Y-shaped cable features a ControlTalk remote with volume buttons and microphone. The buttons are easy to access, easy to differentiate, and extremely convenient. The microphone works perfectly on phone calls–it’s on par with Apple’s microphone. You can also use the button with voice activation controls like Siri. Compatibility with Windows phone and Android will vary.

The Liberates sound fantastic. The earcups create a tight seal and are great for keeping music in and noise out. With this seal, you can feel the low-ends get especially bassy. The music is detailed and clear. Some reviews claim that Liberates favor reggae and rock, which would make sense, but it’s definitely not the truth. Liberates are surprisingly well balanced and sound fair to all genres. Anything acoustic, for instance, sounds superb–you can hear the intricacies in the instruments and the voices sitting in front of the stage. For small on-ears, the bass packs a lot of punch. There are large 40mm drivers that produce a full range of audio for a great listening experience.

The Marley Liberates are a fun pair of headphones. The blend of stainless steel, fabric, wood, and faux leather is sort of like a person who’s wearing a really nice shirt with jeans and sneakers. There’s contrast in materials but it looks great. At $100 you get a lot of bang for your buck. We’ve heard a lot more expensive headphones that don’t sound quite as good. The Marley Liberates come in three different flavors, there’s classic denim with black earcups, midnight with dark cloth and black earcups, or saddle with brown earcups and grey cloth (shown). The Marley Liberates are currently available from Amazon.com for $99.99.

Buy it!

The Good: Great appearance, Eco-friendly build, Fantastic sound, Tangle-free cable with ControlTalk + mic, Great seal and noise isolation, Includes cloth carrying pouch
The Bad: Not collapsable or foldable, Headphone cable is not removable, Not the most comfortable

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