Meet the Real Little Mermaid [Video]

As it turns out, you won’t find the ultimate The Little Mermaid experience in Anaheim or Orlando. But, if you’re already in Disneyworld, you won’t need to go too far outside of Orlando to find Weeki Wachee Spring, home to live mermaid shows – and lessons.

Our own lifestyle editor, Zara Stone, dove in to the experience recently for the nascent cable network Fusion. Joining in on a tradition that started some 66 years ago, Zara donned a mermaid tail and the requisite jewelry, and got some training on how to be a proper mermaid. That last part? Apparently a little bit tougher than it sounds. But, that’s the price of being a trailblazer – Weeki Wachee’s mermaid camp has only been training aspiring mermaids for a few weeks now, making her one of the first graduates.

You can check out her heartwarming story of imagination, struggle, and triumph here. It may or may not measure up to The Little Mermaid in those regards. I like to think it does, despite the lack of singing sea life and a malign octopus.

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