[Sponsored Video] Wanted: Engineers, Developers, and Project Managers

Unless you strike it big at Google or Facebook or the like, you’re probably going to have to make a choice at some point – do you take the boring office job with a stable, established company, or take a risk on a start-up and enjoy the relaxed culture that goes with it?

Well, there’s a compromise out there, and it turns out that they have over 1,000 job vacancies. MetLife is looking to infuse their insurance business with new services that more extensively use the mobile technology of the day. To get there, they’re looking for engineers, developers, and project managers to staff the brand new campus in North Carolina’s Research Triangle. It’s going to be a brand new, technology-driven division built from the ground up – a way for you to leave your mark on the formation of an important part of MetLife.

The start-up scene can be an exciting place to work, there’s no doubt. But, start-ups don’t always make it – if you’re not one of the lucky ones, you can end up slogging through a bog of short-term, stress-filled jobs that do little for your career development. So, a Fortune 50 company offering a laid back company culture paired with all the job security of a company that has been around for nearly a century is going to raise some eyebrows. And, keep in mind, this is a department that is being built from the ground up – not only are there tons of openings, but you’ll have the freedom to shape your own work life.

So, if you’re in the job market, watch the video and get your resume updated.

This post is sponsored by MetLife

Source: MetLife.com, FORTUNE 500  and MetLife is an Equal Opportunity and Affirmative Action Employer

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