Office Web Apps Get Real-time Co-authoring, Celebrates #GetItDone Day


This past Thursday was Get it Done! Day. What? ‘That’s not a real day,’ you say? Well, it is now, according to Microsoft, self-styled purveyors of getting things done thanks to their gift to the world that is Microsoft Office.

Microsoft wants to celebrate the fact that, thanks to Office 365, you can get work done from anywhere, at any time. You can work in the office, at home, at the grocery store, in bed, on vacation – everywhere! Yay! We just can’t work in our sleep yet, but I’m sure Microsoft is working on it, and will declare another celebration day once that goes down.Until that day, you can enjoy the fruits of the Harris Interactive study that Microsoft posted, revealing that millions and millions worldwide have worked while out to eat with someone else and while they’ve been at an event or activity involving one of their kids. Yay?

To kick off this momentous occasion, Microsoft celebrated with an improv acts throughout the city. Utilizing the skills and talent of the Upright Citizens Brigade and Office 365’s collaboration feature, actors were able to bring to life unique situations through skits and the newest collaborations tools.


But, there are more concrete reasons for celebration – Office Web Apps have gotten some nice upgrades that you can start using as of now. The entire suite of software now features real-time co-authoring, so multiple people can work on one document at the same time. Like with Google Drive, there are markers showing where everyone’s working in real time. Also, the functionality extends to offline use – changes made offline will be synced ASAP once an Internet connection has been re-established. Each of the major apps – Word, Excel, and PowerPoint – have also received minor upgrades, ranging from new formatting options to new editing tools.


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