Oregon Scientific Struts Their Own Wearable Ssmart Dynamo Activity Tracker


Another day, another fitness tracker. This time, it’s Oregon Scientific’s Ssmart Dynamo, a lightweight wristband tracker paired with a free iOS or Android app.

The Ssmart Dynamo is your standard fitness tracker – no more, no less. It keeps track of sleep data, steps taken, distance traveled, and calories burned, storing data on the wristband itself for up to 14 days, thanks to an LED display. It will also upload data to an app on your smartphone over Bluetooth, which you’ll be able to review and share at any time. You can also use the app to create custom fitness goals.

Since this market has gotten so stuffed with products, the real way to come out on top is style. The Ssmart Dynamo offers sleek, monochrome wristbands in a variety of colors, so if that suits your tastes more than the other trackers on the market, keep an eye on this new gadget. A rechargeable battery in the wristband makes it convenient to keep the Ssmart Dynamo running.

When the Ssmart Dynamo hits stores sometime in 2014, you can expect about a $79 price tag.

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