Paul Frank iPhone 5S and iPad Cases Are Here

oui Paul Frank iPhone 5S and iPad Cases Are Here

There’s a brand new collection of Paul Frank cases on Uncommon for you to browse, all ready to protect the brand new iPhones and iPads that will be coming home this holiday season.

The Uncommon collection features pretty standard Paul Frank fare, with Julius the monkey emblazoned all over the hard cases. That said, this line is a bit of a departure from most designer lines of cases – a few of these you can actually customize. Paul Frank has done a pretty good job of cleverly designing the cases with little places for printing pictures that you can upload during purchase. You’ll still get an unmistakably Paul Frank case, but with a little personal touch.

The iPhone 5/5s cases are going for $40, and there are battery pack versions of some of the cases with 2,200 mAh batteries that are selling for $120. The iPad cases are selling for $60.

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  • ken

    Whooa, How to make your beautiful iphone Ugly for only $40!

  • Chip Chick

    Well some folks think that Paul Frank is beautiful :-)

  • ken

    Well, those must be really be SOME Folks. What can I say? Some folks chew and spit tobacco too.