Playstation Launches Companion App for PS4


The PlayStation 4 drops tomorrow. Clearly, this means that most of your good times will be had at home for the next significantly long period of time, and that you may suffer from some severe ‘illnesses’ in the near future. But, indeed, at some point, you will need to leave your PS4, possibly to stock up on more Mountain Dew and Cheez-Its. When that point comes, good news – the PS4 excitement doesn’t need to stop for a second.

There’s a companion app out for the PS4, and you can get it now for free on iOS and Android devices. You can’t play the games, but you can get them warmed up for when you get back – you can purchase games, DLC, and other content through the app and push it to your console at home, so it’ll all be ready to go once you get back. You can also stay in touch with any of your PlayStation Network contacts, and receive game invitations and notifications. There’s also some quasi-SmartGlass functionality here, too – you can use your mobile device as a keyboard for the PS4, or access second-screen content on the app, which will vary from game to game.

The PlayStation App is available now for free for iOS and Android. If you wanted to obsess over your trophies on the go, you can most certainly do that now.

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