Star Wars Brings Chaos to Thomas Kinkade’s Peaceful Cottages


In what has to be called a spiritual sibling to ‘Pride and Prejudice and Zombies,’ artist Jeff Bennett has set out to make his own helpful additions to the works of the late Thomas Kinkade and his company – AT-AT walkers and star destroyers, among other things. Alright, so it’s not as edgy as what Banksy’s been up to in New York, but it is Star Wars mashed up with Kinkade, which really needs no additional justification.


Proving that no lands are safe from the long arm of the Empire, Bennett implants Palpatine’s finest in the world of Thomas Kinkade, and from the looks of it, the Jedi are being awfully slow to respond. And, to Bennett’s credit (I mean, he already gets tons of credit for the idea, anyway), he nails the style – the Stormtroopers really look like they’re supposed to be there, sowing the seeds of oppression and bringing ruin to the rebel scum hiding out in their quaint country cottages.

Via Tie Fighters