Travalo Takes Any Perfume and Makes it Aircraft Approved

travaloIn the endless war against airport inconvenience, there’s a new weapon on the horizon – Travalo. If you’re worried about smelling rank after being on an airplane for hours and hours – valid worry – it might be just the thing you need.

Because of the restrictions on the amount of liquids you can take on an airplane, perfume bottles typically don’t make it with you into the skies, unless they’re tucked away in a checked bag. Travalo is a way you can take perfume with you in a TSA-approved way. It’s a portable spray bottle that meets size restrictions that you can put your perfume in. Of course, that by itself isn’t too helpful – it’s not exactly easy to get the perfume from its original bottle to any other container. That’s where Travalo shines – if you take off the spray nozzle on the original perfume bottle, you can attach Travalo to the perfume bottle, then pump a few times to fill it up. It doesn’t leak, and you get perfume in the skies for your next 12-hour flight.

Pretty simple, pretty handy. You can get Travalo online in one of many different colors for $20.

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