Video Games: The Movie


It kind of sneaked up on us, but video games have truly transcended niche status to take up a central role in the entertainment world. Yes, there are still conservative ideologues who occasionally send up video games as a contributing factor to social ills, but when you look at the history of movies, rock music, or novels, it’s pretty clear they’re on the wrong side of history. Video games are here to stay, and they are a force – an industry that now out-grosses Hollywood.

And, in truth, it’s not like video games are a new phenomenon. About four decades have passed since their introduction in the 1970s. That’s a lot of history, a lot of development, and a whole lot of contribution to pop culture. Video Games: The Movie looks like it’s ready to take up the responsibility of leading us through that history. It’s a new documentary featuring interviews with luminaries from yesterday and today alike, all giving their takes on the evolution of the world’s youngest entertainment medium.

For those born after video games made their grand entrance, it looks like it’s going to be a terrific way to learn about the roots of the industry from the people who helped to shape it, in some cases from the ground up. For everyone else, it looks like a solid trip down memory lane, with a view of the future thrown in, seen in upcoming products like the Oculus Rift, which promises a virtual reality experience. Major publishers, developers, gamers, and innovators will all have their say, with the result hopefully being a 360 degree view of the industry.

Video Games: The Movie has been submitted to the Sundance Film Festival, and we can expect to hear more in the near future about when this documentary will be showing up in theaters.

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