WeMo Insight Switch Keeps an Eye on Electricity Usage, Remotely

belkinBursting from the same wellspring that brought us the WeMo Light Switch, Belkin’s new Insight Switch is another device you can use to remotely manage the electricity use in your home. This time, instead of turning the lights on and off with your smartphone, you can monitor electricity use from whatever device is plugged into that outlet.

The Insight Switch is a middleman for your wall outlet – an AC-to-AC adapter, if you will. Of course, no adapting here – the Insight Switch will instead be collecting information about how much electricity is being used by that outlet. You’ll also have the option of remotely turning the power on and off for that outlet, using an app and a Wi-Fi connection. The beauty of the Insight Switch is in the customizable schedules and notifications – you can be notified if a device has been left on for a certain amount of time, then turn it off remotely if you know that no one is using it. It’s a nice way to more efficiently make sure you’re keeping your electricity bills as low as possible, even if it might take quite a few months worth of electricity bill savings to pay off stocking your home with these.

The WeMo Insight Switch is selling for $60 each, and fortunately isn’t so big that it will block other outlets. You’ll need an iOS or Android device for the control app.

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