ZIIIRO Takes the Pocketwatch into the 21st Century

pocketFew things class the place up more than a pocketwatch. But, if you’re not into the old-timey look, there’s now a pretty slick-looking modern pocketwatch from ZIIIRO that you can conspicuously wear around town.

The ZIIIRO Titan is one of those timepieces that is just too hip to tell time the old-fashioned way. Instead, it has two rings of light – the outer split into 12 chunks for the hour and the inner split into 60 bars for the minute. By itself, maybe not convincing. But, the aluminum casing and the metallic paint job make it something you can wear with style, and that’s really what a pocketwatch is all about.

The ZIIIRO Titan is available in azure, chrome, purple, black, or cherry, and is selling now for €139, which right now is about $187. Quick, get it now before the dollar depreciates on the euro again!

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