8 Reasons Why Dell World 2013 Was Pretty Cool

Dell World 2013 in Austin, Texas

Dell World might be an IT and enterprise focused conference, but this year Dell demonstrated that the company is moving forward and leading trends in several new ways. Plus, between major news announcements, a strong attendee and partner list, and an impressive list of surprise musical guests, Dell World 2013 proved that while the event is indeed suit and tie focused, the company still knows how to have fun.




1. Attendees got to party like a rock star

Rock legends Billy Idol, Slash, Mark McGrath, Robin Zander of Cheap Trick, ZZ Top, and Camp Freddy, all showed up at Dell World 2013’s opening concert to entertain the crowd. And wow, these old fellas still got game.



2. Futures made of virtual insanity

Born of a Kickstarter project, the ultimate virtual reality gaming machine –  the Omni, was on display, and it was unsurprisingly being powered by Dell’s own Alienware gaming laptop.



3. Computer classroom powered by the sun.

Dell has set up a solar powered classroom in a box, all the way out in Nigeria, where reliable electric power sources are scarce. The company plans on setting up 2 more in the near future in other areas of need.


4. Commitment to building tough, durable products.

Dell talked about their commitment to design, as well as their commitment to quality. Carbon fiber, aluminum materials, and guerrilla glass displays have become a staple in their XPS and Latitude lineup. There is also rigorous testing involved, to that effect, each hinge on a new notebook model is tested over a million times. And when it comes to accessories, Kirk Schell, the Vice President of Dell’s Product Group says that the company is focused on designing accessories that match your devices. And hey, we’re all about color coordination, so way to go Dell!



5. Big personalities.

Dell’s opening keynote featured Michael Dell, as well as Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla and SpaceX. But beyond the keynotes, there were plenty of other interesting personalities who showed up at sessions, including Randi Zuckerberg and DJ Ravidrums.




6. They’re embracing the cloud – and Dropbox to boot!

Dell’s new Partner Cloud program and their partnership with Dropbox will help ease large businesses into embracing cloud technology, by providing them with the security resources they need to use applications like Dropbox for a large infrastructure. Overall, this is a pretty big deal for a massive enterprise company to embrace the cloud, especially by teaming up with such a popular mainstream app.


7. They’re apart of the hip start up scene!

Dell might be an old and established company, but they recognize the potential of future trends coming from startups. At the conference, they announced that Dell Ventures plans on investing 300 million in PC, tablet, virtualization and new technology startups that are focused on future IT technologies. But Dell says that they are not just providing capitol, but also connections and resources to these fledgling startups. This is because Dell wants to secure their role in being apart of future technologies.



8. Dell’s First Chromebook

Dell announced their first ever Chromebook at the show, the Dell Chromebook 11. The system packs in a 4th-generation Intel Celeron 2955U processor, an 11.6-inch 1366 x 768 display, and a 16GB SSD, for under $300. The Chromebook will be available in January and is geared towards the education market.






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