ARCHOS Activity Tracker Certainly Looks Familiar

archosSome say that we oscillate between phases in this society of ours – times of innovation and times of imitation. We might be dipping back into the latter – ARCHOS is unveiling (yet another) fitness tracker at CES this year, and you can expect to see more of the same at this year’s show.

The ARCHOS Activity Tracker is a wristband, not unlike Fitbit, with an LED display for the stats collected. It’ll measure steps taken and calories burned, and can be synced up with a mobile app. Using the app, you can chart your data over time and set goals, with up to eight different profiles if you’re planning on sharing your new fitness tracker. Battery life is about a week. That all sound familiar? It probably should, at this point. It’s no departure from what’s been done before.

The twist is that it’s all part of ARCHOS’ Connected Home lifestyle line of products. That’s going to also include a smart scale, smart plugs, a weather sensor, a camera, and even a blood pressure monitor. More products are surely in the pipeline – the upshot is that all of these can be controlled using one app from ARCHOS. It’s an attempt to consolidate all of the smart home tech that’s been hitting the market in the past year, making it as easy as possible to manage and control. Look for ARCHOS Connected Home products to become widely available throughout 2014.

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