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Limited Edition Batman Utility Belt Includes Batarang


I guess you can say we have a thing for belts… specifically Batman’s utility belts. It was nearly three years ago when our minds were blown away by UD Replica’s take on the Dark Knight’s utility belt. That belt was designed to be edgy and compliment those going for the darker and broody Christian Bale version of Batman.

This time around, Mattel, via their Matty Collector website, is taking a stab at Batman’s belt too, but with less seriousness. Instead this belt pays homage to a more campy and classic version of Batman. Yes, Adam West’s Batman is getting its due respect with this version of the Batman utility belt. This one has been authentically designed to match the likeness of the original belt featured in the 1960’s Batman television series. To that effect, this 60’s version of the belt stays tried and true to the original TV series with its bold buckle, bright yellow design, and perfect pockets.


Overall, the 43” belt is meant for adults and collectors to enjoy. Is it practical? No. But it comes with a Batarang so how can we complain. Last but not least – there are only 10 of these classic utility belts from the television series being made, so you better act fast.

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