Belkin APEX360 for iPad Mini Review

Are you looking for a case to really protect your new iPad Mini with Retina Display, but don’t want to add a lot of unnecessary weight? The Belkin APEX360 may be the perfect choice. It promises great protection from falls and also boasts a few unique features.

The case itself is made from a rubberized material making it easy and comfortable to grip. The flip cover has a textured surface which makes it even easier to hold and less likely to slip out of your hand. Belkin claims that the APEX360 will protect your iPad if dropped from up to six feet! We didn’t drop our iPad, but after looking up close at the case, we have no doubt that this claim is true.

Like many cases, the flip cover converts to a quick stand for easy viewing in landscape or portrait angles. A really nice feature of this stand is that you can adjust the viewing angle from 35 to 80 degrees, and not just at two or three settings in that range. Thanks to the addition of rubber grips on the base of the case, you can set the viewing angle exactly where you want. This is definitely a feature that other cases should employ.

Another innovative design feature is the removable flip cover. It is somewhat similar concept to the Smart Covers from Apple. However the APEX360 cover is attached by one rather strong magnet, that can be removed with a gentle tug. Then to replace it, simply bring the cover close to the case and it magically snaps back together.

The buttons and ports are all open except for the volume and power. The volume buttons react well and are easy to press. Unfortunately, the cover for the power button is a bit sensitive – occasionally sticking down, thus bringing up the shut down screen. You likely won’t use the power much because this is a smart cover and it will automatically awaken the iPad when opened, and put it to sleep when closed.


Belkin’s APEX360 is a handy little case. It offers great protection for the iPad Mini, with very little added weight. It comes in two colors (Black and Fuchsia) and is available right now from Belkin for $69.99, but it can be found on Amazon for as low as $44.

Buy it!

The Good: Offers variety of viewing angles. Easy to grip material. Easy to remove/replace cover. Cover is a smart cover.

The Bad: Power button difficult to press.