BenQ EW40 Series Monitors Can Connect to Smartphones

phone‘Tis the season for brand new 1080p monitors from BenQ. Their EW40 line is out to give videos stored on your mobile device a brand new, revitalized life on the big screen.

The EW40 line, which includes a 24” and 27” monitor, features an MHL port, a new standard for mobile devices that has a similar purpose to that of HDMI. That way, you can take full advantage of all of your high-definition content stored on your mobile device – the 1080p display and 3,000:1 aspect ratio don’t hurt, either.

The display also features deeper black levels, which are pushed to the limit in Cinema Mode. Cinema Mode adjusts brightness levels to light up dark scenes without making them look off. The monitor is also capable of taking lower resolution content and upping the pixel count, improving quality. LED flicker has been eliminated, and if you’re going to just be listening to music, you can set the monitor into audio mode, which leaves the display off to save energy. You probably already have your own pair of speakers anyway, so that’s not terribly exciting news, but it’s still nice to have the feature.

The 24” and 27” EW40 monitors are available now for $300 and $500, respectively.