Surprise Beyonce Album One-Ups Lady Gaga’s Artpop with Stunning Visuals

beyonceBeyonce managed to one-up, well, not just Lady Gaga, pretty much everyone, by pulling off a truly rare feat – dropping a surprise album. With no warning, no hype, no leaks, Beyonce released her fifth solo album today, which is self-titled. It’s also a whole lot more than an album.

Lady Gaga made waves with the album art of ARTPOP from artist Jeff Koons and the relatively new album-as-app approach, but Beyonce blows the hinges off all that by doing her own thing. Her new self-titled album is made to be a delight for the eyes and ears. 14 new songs are accompanied by 17 videos made to complement the music and give you just a little more insight into the inner workings of Beyonce. Some of the videos were even directed by Beyonce herself – how she managed to keep such a tight lid on such a huge project in anyone’s guess. She just posted up a short video announcement this morning on Instagram with a very appropriate caption – ‘Surprise!’

It’s certainly a big way to make news before the year’s up – if this is Beyonce’s way of giving 2013 a proper send-off, mission accomplished. But, yeah. Go get it now. It’s being sold exclusively on iTunes, at least for the time being. Brand new Beyonce, out of nowhere. Happy holidays!


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