Goji Play is an Exercise Game Changer [Review]

Blue Goji is an exercise game changer (extra emphasis on game). With the help of an iPad or iOS device, Goji Play transforms any cardio machine into an interactive entertainment device. Exercising is no longer be boring and tedious, it’s fun, challenging, and entertaining. You’re not using an elliptical or riding a stationary bike, you’re racing on jet skis, busting moves on snowboards, riverboating, playing fisticuffs, smashing blocks, and more. Like Blue Goji says: it makes 30 minutes of exercise feel like 5.

Treadmills are boring. Stationary bikes are boring. Elliptical machines, stair steppers, rowing machines– they’re all boring. Goji Play gets to the root of the problem–you’re not going to hit your potential if you’re bored. There’s now 11 game and adventure apps that work with Blue Goji. Simply strap

the two controllers to the exercise machine’s handlebars (or to the included batons) and clip the activity monitor to yourself. Some games will mirror your intensity–for example, if you go faster on the machine, you’ll go faster in the game. While you’re preoccupied with gaming, the Goji Play app logs your workout, creates goals for you, and even rewards you with achievements.


Goji Play consists of three pieces of technology: two wireless controllers and one wireless activity monitor clip. The setup is effortless and all devices communicate without a complicated pairing process. The Goji Play app is all you need to get started. Here you can access your activity, achievements, games, and social ranking.

The controllers are plastic boxes with two arcade-like buttons. Each controller is clipped to an adjustable Velcro strap. If there’s no room for them on the treadmill, bike, or elliptical, they strap to the included foam batons which are handheld. Using the batons, you can even make a game out of running in place. The controllers each use two AAA batteries (included).

The activity monitor is sort of like a Fitbit, though it’s admittedly more plasticky and inexpensive feeling. The monitor has one button and a micro-USB rechargeable battery capable of lasting 6-8 hours. It only takes 10 minutes to charge.

Goji Play uses the energy efficient Bluetooth 4.0 spec. While this is great on battery, compatibility is limited. As of December 2013, it only works with iOS 6.1 and later, on iPad 3 and above, iPad Mini, iPhone 4S and above, and iPod touch 5th Gen and above. Android compatibility is expected in the near future.

Goji Play can respark your interest in exercise. I can attest, you’ll get excited to go to the gym. It can easily make exercise fly by. With that said, you have to at least be interested in games. The games have a younger feel to them, but the collection is growing. Even if you’re not so competitive and don’t care so much for winning races, it’s still fun to just drive around and take in the sights. The Goji Play app is very usable and polished. They covered all bases by recording your activity, adding a social aspect, including achievements, and even making it compatible with MyFitnessPal. The $99.99 price tag can easily pay itself off in no time, and after all, your health is priceless. Goji Play is also a great way to revive that dusty old exercise machine sitting in your basement. Goji Play is currently available from Amazon.com.

Buy it!

The Good: Really makes exercise time fly by, Makes exercise fun, Works with every type of cardio machine, Easy set up, App is intuitive and polished
The Bad: Activity monitor clip could be stronger (Goji Play is useless if you lose it), One of my controllers doesn’t turn on sometimes, Not compatible with Android or older iOS devices

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