9MM LEGO Gun Shoots Bricks

If it exists, you can pay homage to it in LEGO form. The people’s art form, the LEGO brick is infinitely malleable – whether we’re talking about 12-year-old me making battlecruisers from Starcraft or about this guy, who has gone and made an entire arsenal out of LEGO bricks, a pile of loose bricks is a veritable field of dreams.

Today, exhibit A is the YouTube video below, along with its related brethren – you’ll see just about every weapon from the new Call of Duty game, Ghosts. These took effort, too – the MP-443 Grach pistol even has actual slide action and a removable clip that can be loaded into the pistol. Basically, it does everything but shoot. It’s also got little chrome details, so credit for going the extra mile there.

He didn’t stop with just the pistol, though. Follow the rabbit hole and you’ll see full on sniper rifle and machine gun replicas. And, keep in mind, these aren’t scale models – these are full-sized replicas, built to resemble the genuine articles from the game as closely as possible.

Now, if only he could get started on rigging up one of those robotic LEGO sets and building the dog from Call of Duty: Ghosts, we’d really be set.


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