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Citizen Eco-Drive Avion Watch Review: Classic Looks Meets Modern Technology

Smart watches might be all the rage right now, but sometimes a good “old fashioned” watch can also be the ultimate gift. Take the latest Citizen watch with Eco-Drive technology – the Avion. This analog, and extremely divine looking piece of wrist jewelry, takes design cues from the golden age of flying. To that effect, the band features fine leather detailing along with stitching, while the face of the watch is incased in a silver tone stainless steel with mineral crystal.

The Avion sports several hands as well, one for the time, the day, and the date. There is also subsequent hands for the hours, minutes, and seconds. Everything is controlled by the crown, as most watches are, and with every twist of the crown you can control the settings on the watch. The face of the watch embodies oversized fonts with a very old time feel. We actually prefer the larger numbers too, since they make it super easy to tell the time during the day, and in dimly lit situations.

Even though the Avion looks like it fell out of the 1950’s, the technology is very much modern and sophisticated. Eco-Drive is Citizen’s premiere watch technology that utilizes the light all around us to power these sophisticated watches. So, yes you will never have to change a battery in this watch or any Eco-Drive watch from Citizen for that matter. The rechargeable lithium battery grabs sunlight, indoor light, and even the light from a camera flash to keep your watch juiced for years to come. Not only is this great for those of us who can never find a watch repair store, but it’s also great for the environment as well.


Citizen’s Avion watch really has it all – classic retro styling with a touch of technology. For $250 dollars, you really can’t go wrong. This is a great timepiece that looks way more expensive than it is and  even though it is a man’s watch, there are plenty of girls that will surely appreciate it too. So if you need a quick sophisticated present that won’t break the bank, but will make someone feel like a million bucks – watches are super hot right now and the Avion is just that. The watch can also be found on Amazon for as low as $158.

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