Cops Take a Bite Out of iPhone Cookie Prankster Crime


If you’re going to prank Johnny Law, you’d better make sure you’re right with Johnny Law. That’s the hard lesson learned by comedian Randy Liedtke, which he was kind enough to tweet out for the benefit of his fellow man.

Liedtke thought it would be pretty sweet to bake a batch of cookies that, from afar, could double for iPhones. The size and color was about right from a distance, anyway. So, Liedtke took one of his confections on the road, in the hopes of getting himself pulled over so he could ask a police officer ‘if cookies are against the law.’ Indeed, a police officer did pull him over.

The good news is that no, iPhone-shaped cookies are not against the law. The bad news is that the Man frowns upon unpaid parking tickets. The lawman, unamused by the prank, quickly pulled up Liedtke’s license plate number and found a warrant for outstanding tickets. The iPhone cookie caper had gone horribly, horribly wrong. Fun times turned into a trip downtown with a salty policeman and what figures to be a nasty fine.

In Liedtke’s own words – ‘wasn’t worth it.’

Via Yahoo! Shine

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