Dell and Dropbox Join Forces for an IT Approved Cloud Experience

photo (5)At Dell World 2013 today, Dell announced a new corporate partnership with Dropbox today, aimed at bolstering their enterprise services. That’s something Dell has been working on furiously as of late, and the new deal with Dropbox might get more than a few businesses on board with what Dell has to offer.

Soon, Dell will be selling Dropbox for Business – essentially, Dropbox with IT controls added on. It’ll allow employees to access company data on the go, from any device, while keeping the data firmly under the control and view of the IT staff. Dell will also start including Dropbox on some of their hardware offerings once the partnership gets into full swing.

The IT staff will be able to use Dell Data Protection | Cloud, which will provide them with all the controls they need over any cloud storage service, Dropbox included. That’s a must if the IT staff wants to make sure everything is compliant with regulations, and nothing is getting leaked. The new Dell offerings, along with Dropbox, sound like they’ll be a pretty good deal for both sides – control for the IT staff, convenience for the employees.

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