Epson XP-810 Small-in-One Printer Review

Looking for an all-in-one printer but don’t have much desk space? Check out the new Epson Expression Premium XP-810. It’s a “Small-in-One” printer, giving you printing, scanning and copying all in a small footprint. It’s also perfect for your wireless office setting, being Wi-Fi Certified n and also packing in Wi-Fi Direct for printing without a router.

Many printers have an unsightly look, and can detract from an otherwise classy home office setting, but we like how this printer offers a sleek and non imposing appearance when not in use. With a simple flip of the output tray, it’s ready for printing, and when your done, just flip it back to help conceal it.

The XP-810 has a 3.5” touchscreen control panel similar to those seen on other Epson models. The menu system is rather intuitive and the gesture navigation works pretty well. The control panel pivots so you can adjust to your viewing angle.

The output tray has an added feature on this model. Rather than having to pull it out manually, it automatically extends when turned on or when printing starts. At first it seemed as though you could not manually close it (e.g. when loading paper), but the manual states, “As you slide in the output tray, there may be slight resistance and noise. This is normal.” And sure enough, though we thought it would be bad for it, there was no problem whatsoever.

There are two paper trays. One is dedicated to printing 4×6 or 5×7 photos, you can load up to 20 sheets of photo paper. The lower tray allows you load up to 100 sheets of plain paper. That is not bad for normal everyday use. You can also load card stock or envelope one at a time through the rear paper feed. There is also a tray to print directly on to CDs or DVDs. The automatic double-sided printing feature is really something that should be standard on all printers. On the XP-810 it works great.

Screen Shot 2013-11-26 at 8.01.03 PM

The XP-810 was amazingly easy to setup on our wireless network. And remote printing and printing from the iPad or iPhone is just as seamless. That said, photos printed directly using iPrint tend to be a bit dark, so for photos printing straight from a mobile device, you may want to use the Epson app as it gives you more control over the quality of the print job.

Print quality is impressive on the XP-810 too. This is really just what you’d expect from Epson. It still amazes us how an inkjet printer in our office can produce such beautiful prints! The system uses the Claria Premium 5 ink system, with two blacks (dye and pigment) so that the text and photos look great. As mentioned above you can do borderless prints on 4×6 to 8×10 sheets. Print speeds are advertised as 15 ppm for b/w and 11 ppm for color. However in real world testing we got about 7 pages of b/w text and 3 to 4 in color per minute. Also a 4×6 photo took just under a minute to print. Overall, although it’s not the fastest, the quality is superb. To that effect, text is crisp and color pictures on regular paper come out sharp and bright.IMG_4335

For some reason these printers do not allow you to scan to your computer without a USB connection. This has always irritated us, after all, why have a wireless printer/scanner if you still need to attach it by a wire? Fortunately, the XP-810 has a very cool and useful feature. And that is that you can scan a document and have it automatically sent to any email address or directly to storage in the cloud – thus effectively scanning to your computer, tablet or phone! You’ll need to download the Epson Connect app and follow all the steps carefully. Once you do however, you’ll have a very useful feature at your fingertips. In addition there is an automatic document feeder for up to 30 sheets to copy, scan or fax.

Overall, there are number of other things that you can do with this printer and the cloud. You can print from your tablet or phone from anywhere using Epson iPrint. And with Epson Remote Print you can also print from any computer. You can also print directly from your cloud storage.


The XP-810 is another great printer from Epson. It’s not the fastest all-in-one out there, but it’s small and loaded with useful features, and it may just be the perfect fit for your home office. Suggested retail is a bit high at $229, but you can order one today for $149 from Amazon with free shipping. Now that’s a good deal.

Buy it!

The Good: Small form-factor. Great print quality. 2-sided printing. True wireless printing with iPrint for iOS. Scan wirelessly. The 3.5” touch panel is easy to use. Great deal at current price.

The Bad: Not the fastest.

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