Could Facebook Dislike Be Coming Soon?

dislikeProbably not, unless Facebook can figure out how to make dislikes as useful for targeted advertising as likes are. But, for now, we can have the next best thing – a dislike sticker in Facebook Messenger.

If you head on over to the sticker shop in Messenger, which you can access on the mobile app or browser, you’ll find a new sticker pack available for free called ‘Likes.’ You can see the whole pack above, including the flaming thumbs up, for when something is just that good. But, that’s not what we came for. We came so that we can finally make like Commodus and show no mercy while mean mugging the modern Colosseum that is the chat group. And so we can, with that big thumbs down sticker. Being relegated to Messenger means that you can’t yet make your sneering disdain publicly known in the fastest, most efficient way possible, but hey, we can dream.

To get to the sticker store, just hit the smiley in any chat box on the browser or mobile app. You shouldn’t have to scroll down far to find the ‘Likes’ pack, including that blue and white symbol of dissent that heretofore only existed in dreams.

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