Fanny Wang Metallic On-Ear Headphones Review

For about four years now Fanny Wang has made a name for themselves as a Beats By Dre imitation alternative that comes with a more enjoyable listening experience and a more affordable price tag. Their latest release is a new addition to the On-Ear 1000 lineup. These stylish cans may have a similar form factor to the Solo Beats, but they outshine them on a few different levels.

The Fanny Wang Metallics are currently only available in a deep red ultra-glossy metallic paint finish. There’s a unique patterned imprint running all the way around the exterior, a Fanny Wang signature design element. Metallics are on-ear headphones, and larger than the current Solo Beats by Dre. Like the Beats, they’re collapsable with a tri-folding design. Each side folds in towards the rubbery padded headband. The ear cushions are donut shaped, soft, and padded with a faux-leather material. The earcups are adjustable and slide along a metal band. They have heavy duty metal hinges, though there’s still a plasticky feel to the build.

Fanny Wang never lets us down with the cable: it’s removable, tangle-resistant, and comes with a built-in duo-jack and ControlTalk with microphone. The duo-jack is an in-line cable splitter so you and a friend can rock out to the same audio source. The ControlTalk has one universal button that controls music, phone, and voice activation. The built-in microphone works just as well as the microphone on Apple’s headphones.

We find the headphones to be quite comfortable, though like most headphones, there is a time limit before they start applying an uncomfortable amount of pressure on your head. This pressure does make a great seal around your ear, so the noise isolation is really nice.

There’s 40mm “high performance titanium-plated” drivers cranking out audio on the Metallics. The overall audio experience is really enjoyable, but it depends what you’re looking for. These Wangs provide a loud and punchy bass that, unlike the Beats, isn’t an overwhelming amount of bass that ruins most genres of music. There’s a lot of bass, but enjoyably so. The Metallics perform well with a broad range of music. The mids are balanced and the highs are pretty precise. Our only gripe is that the mids could be a little less muddy and a little more crisp.

The Fanny Wangs Metallic 1000 may have been [unofficially] inspired by the Beats, but we give them credit for building a great alternative. The $129.95 pricetag ($99.96 on Amazon) is much more reasonable than Beats’ $200 pricetag, though they’re still a bit pricey. Since Beats redesigned their Solo HD’s to be a little more slender, the Wangs are more differentiated then they used to be. We found their audio experience to be more enjoyable across the board–not limited to certain types of music. The loud bass doesn’t overpower.The $99.96 pricing from Amazon is a good price, but we found the Metallics to be right on par with Fanny Wangs’ regular 1000 series which can be found on Amazon for as low as $49.99 and are a truly great deal).

The Good: Stylish, Collapsable, Included microfiber carrying case, Removable cable, Built-in ControlTalk with Microphone, Built-in Duo-Jack audio splitter, Great bass

The Bad: Glossy finish started chipping within weeks, Mids are a bit muddy, Not especially durable

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