Google Glass Gets Wink to Shoot Picture, Hangouts and More Updates

Hangouts_group (1)Google is spreading some holiday cheer with a few new gifts for Google Glass users. Well, spreading holiday cheer to the select few who have Google Glass already, anyway – the public will still be waiting for a full release that could be coming next year. The lucky ones, well, they can already start unwrapping some of those presents.

First up, Google Glass now has a lock screen that will prevent other people (and you know the temptation is there) from swiping your Glass and using it. Instead, you can now set a password of sorts – a sequence of taps and swipes that will ensure that you and only you can use your beloved headgear.

There are also some brand new apps. Hangouts has gotten a Google Glass app, so you can carry on conversation with your friends using Glass at any time. The iOS companion app is officially available after a false start earlier, and will let iPhone users interact with Google Glass using their phones. Google Play Music All Access has also come to Glass. You can use the app to choose from your playlists or from radio stations. Voice and tap controls are both enabled.

And, there are some new camera features. Videos can now be uploaded directly to YouTube using voice or tap commands. All you need to do is enable YouTube Glassware in MyGlass, and you can start sharing to YouTube right after you finish taking a video. Last, but certainly not least – and you know the development team was not unaware of how creepy this was going to sound – you can now wink to take a picture. No voice commands, no warning – so when someone wearing Google Glass winks at you, it’ll be creepy twice. Obviously, for Google Glass users, winking will be a lot easier and more convenient for taking all kinds of pictures, but goodness. Winking to take a picture. You know this is going to be abused horribly, but then again, I guess most gadgets end up getting abused horribly by someone.

Google Glass owners can get in on all of these features now. Meanwhile, the list of goodies continues to grow for those of us waiting for that ever elusive public release date. It’s not quite ready yet, but with this many features and apps coming out, and compatibility with iOS being solved, you have to figure we’re getting close.

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