Google Santa Tracker Competes with NORAD


Every year NORAD helps children everywhere track Santa on Christmas Eve as he makes his way around the world. And every year, NORAD’s Santa tracking technology has gotten more advanced. For example, last year they made it easier than ever to track Santa by using a mobile app.


Well it seems like Google got jealous of NORAD’s popularity, because this year they have created a Santa Tracking system of their own using Google Maps. According to Google, some of Santa’s very own developer elves helped them develop this special tracker which allows kids to follow Santa’s travel progress around the world. Google has also developed a Google Santa Tracker app for both Android and Chromecast, as well as a special Santa Tracker Chrome Browser extension.

santa icons

But on top of tracking Santa, Google has also put together a Santa’s “Village” where you can play one of many mini adorable games. The village also offers a special “call from Santa” experience, where you can create a customized call from Santa in an Mp3 format for you to download.

sanat 4

All in all, we have to give credit where it’s deserved, and Google has done quite a nice job here. That said, NORAD has also revamped their site for 2013 and it’s certainly prettier than ever and offers fun new games to play online. Furthermore, this year with NORAD you can track Santa with just about every mobile device out there, whether it’s on your iPad, or on your Windows 8 device.

The fight to track Santa is on!