Grado’s Latest Headphones is a Frodo – Bushmills Whiskey Cocktail

Elijah Wood and Bushmills Irish Whiskey go way back, which really helps explain how Frodo ginned up the courage to walk into Mordor. Now, the partnership is extending to Grado headphones, to make sure that old whiskey barrels don’t go to waste.

The Bushmills x Grado Labs Headphones are limited edition headphones, because after all, there are only so many unused Bushmills whiskey barrels laying around. The headphones were co-designed by Grado Labs, Elijah Wood and his fellow DJ Zach Cowie. The result is a pair of headphones with earcups capped by parts of old whiskey barrels, along with a custom brown leather headband.


Considering that whiskey is an improvement to, well, everything, these headphones look pretty promising, especially coming from Grado. The limited edition headphones are selling from their website now for $395.

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