Guide to the Hottest Intel-powered Portable All-in-Ones for the Holidays

DSC00553Remember when you needed a huge tower and a monitor to have a proper desktop computer? Yeah, me neither. Today, our desktop computers are every bit as light, thin, and portable as our mobile devices. You can think of portable all-in-one PCs as jumbo-sized tablets – tablets with the hearts of full-sized computers, thanks to the latest 4th generation Intel Core processors. That means the family PC is no longer tied down to the computer desk – instead, you get a dynamic device for a dynamic world.

Sony VAIO Tap 21

Sony VAIO Tap 21 – For the Family that Does Everything Together

The family that computes together stays together, right? Is that a saying? It should be. For those socially connected, technologically integrated families, the Sony VAIO Tap 21 is just right. The large 21.5’’ screen means there’s room for everyone, while an 4th generation Intel Core processor makes sure the system has enough power to take advantage of that beautiful 1080p display. And, with tabletop design, you can lay the Sony VAIO Tap 21 flat on a table, so the whole family can create photo albums or go shopping together, with everyone getting involved thanks to multi-touch capabilities. Not a bad deal for $999. You can check out our full review of the VAIO Tap 21 here.

Lenovo Flex 20

Lenovo Flex 20 – For Family Game Night

No one does family game night like Lenovo. Not only are you getting a solid PC thanks to a brilliant HD+ display and an 4th generation Intel Core processor, you’re also getting special accessories made just for Lenovo’s all-in-one computers. Those include joysticks and dice that are designed to work with the Lenovo Flex 20, bringing board games on screen to life in a very real and very fun way. And, don’t forget Aura mode – lay the all-in-one PC flat, and two people can use the device simultaneously with touch controls, opening up even more gaming possibilities. Family game night is finally making the move to the 21st century! Best of all, the Lenovo Flex 20 can be had for just $1099.

HP Envy Rove 20

HP ENVY Rove20 – For Music Lovers

No need for external speakers with the loud and proud HP ENVY Rove20. As usual, HP features the popular, powerful Beats Audio system built right in to their device – pumping bass and clear highs, all coming straight from the computer itself. That will be music to some lucky music fan’s ears this holiday season. For an encore, this portable all-in-one PC features a solid 1.7 GHz 4th generation Intel Core processor and a lovely HD+ display. Add in an affordable $850 price tag, and everything is in harmony.


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