How to Set Up Your Windows 8 Device with Outlook.com

So you just got a new shiny Windows 8 device for the holidays, and you’re setting it up for the first time? Your device will prompt you to sign in with an email account. We recommend using a free Outlook.com account to sign in. Here’s why.

1. An @outlook.com account works best with the Windows Mail app.

And it also offers lots of extra neat features – like Sweep and automated replies. These are features that you won’t get with Gmail or Yahoo! Mail, but only if you’re using Outlook.com in the Mail app.

2. It lets you personalize Windows easily.

When you sign in to a Windows device with Outlook.com as your account, your Mail, Calendar, SkyDrive, and People with its consolidated contact list, all automatically sync, so you can move from one task, app, or service to the next without signing in each time.

3. You get easy access to your Mail, Calendar, People, and SkyDrive

– even when you’re way from your Windows device, because Outlook.com works great on both Windows and on any web browser.

But what if you already have a Microsoft account like Hotmail? Or maybe you’re using @gmail.com or @yahoo.com? Don’t fret, because you can easily create an alias in your Outlook.com account which will let you continue to access your old accounts, while still reaping the benefits of having an @outlook.com as your primary account. The video above will walk you through setting up an alias with your @outlook.com account.

Sign up for a Free Outlook.com account

This post has been brought to you by Outlook. All opinions are 100% our own.


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  1. This is amazing! I think I will be adding an outlook account since I’ve been using gmail accounts for years now but I am using windows 8 so might as well give it a try.

  2. It’s my first to try windows 8 and it sure is a great experience so far. But now I am trying to look for greater thing such as outlook on how this one works with windows 8. I am just glad that I found this video.

  3. Would you mind adding a screenshot image on the post so I could follow it step by step? I am sorry because I am just too old to follow the video. lol

  4. I have never tried it before since using yahoo and gmail was the first thing that I want to set up with outlook. I have a question beside from using outlook what do you think about Opera Mail and Mozilla Thunderbird? I wonder which is the best and safe to use.

  5. Besides from outlook which is the best so far since it is trusted and tested. I think Mozilla Thunderbird is the second best because of its features and I know a lot of people using it.

  6. It is a good thing you’ve added a video guide, it surely done the job helping me set up my outlook.

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