Atlas ID Rugged Case Works with the iPhone’s Touch ID Sensor

Incipio has a brand new waterproof case for the iPhone 5S, and that’s no mean feat thanks to that new Touch ID sensor. Fortunately, the Atlas ID case is outfitted with tech that works with the Touch ID sensor instead of just covering it up, so you don’t lose out on the iPhone’s new bauble for the sake of waterproofing.

The Atlas ID is a follow-up to the Atlas case for the iPhone 5. Atlas ID is largely the same, with a tough exterior that is resistant to water, dirt, shock and dust. The case is waterproof up to two meters for 30 seconds and meets U.S. military standards for protection against all of the smartphone fiends mentioned above. And, of course, there are water-tight covers for all of the ports, which can be removed during use. The co-molded build guarantees protection against drops, while scratch-resistant glass takes care of the screen without inhibiting your use of the touchscreen.

The one big change here is the Touch ID interface layer, which goes right on top of the new Touch ID sensor on the iPhone 5S. The two work in tandem, so your use of Touch ID should be uninhibited by the Atlas ID case.

The international version of the Atlas ID Waterproof Case for the iPhone 5S will be available soon for $80, while you can get the U.S. version now for $90.