Incipio’s Samsung Galaxy S4 Atlas Case Makes for a Lovely Winter Coat

IncipioIncipio’s excellent rugged waterproof case, the Atlas, is now available in the shape of a Samsung Galaxy S4, in case your S4 was thinking about taking an ill-advised winter swim at some point in the near future.

The Incipio Atlas case protects the S4 completely, front to back, including the display. It’s completely sealed off to make it waterproof (up to two meters for 30 minutes), although the touch display is unusable when the phone and case are underwater. Besides protection against water, the Atlas shields the S4 from dust, dirt, and shocks, so it’ll survive the drops on the beach and pavement alike. For shocks, the Atlas has a dual-layer construction, featuring a hard polycarbonate outer shell and a soft, silicone inner layer.

The Incipio Atlas case for the Galaxy S4 is available now for about $90.

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