Sharing is Caring with New Instagram Direct Feature

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Instagram is getting a little more intimate today, allowing users to send direct messages for the first time. Of course, Instagram has to do Instagram – you’ll need to put that camera to work in order to use the new feature.

Instagram Direct is just a new way of sharing pictures and video through Instagram. Now, when you take a picture or video with the app, you’ll have two options – share publicly, as you normally do, or share direct. Direct will allow you to send your picture to anywhere between one and fifteen people specifically. You can add text to the message below the image or video, and you and whoever you’ve shared with will be able to carry on a conversation about it.

You can share with people you aren’t following, too, but your image or video will land in their requests box for approval first. It’s more or less a new instant messaging service, but one that very much bears the cameraman spirit of Instagram.

Instagram Direct is included in the Instagram 5.0 update, which is available now for Android and iOS. Instagram is still in beta for Windows Phone.


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