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Add, Because Two Battery Packs Are Better Than One


product-info-add1External battery packs? That’s a sucker’s game. You need to go one level deeper, and get an external battery pack that comes with another external battery pack to back up the first external battery pack. You need the Lepow Add.

Add is composed of two 4500 mAh battery packs, which can be attached together to work as one unit. But, even together, Add manages to keep a pretty low profile, so you won’t have to deal with too much extra bulk in your bag when you carry it around. It’ll also shut down automatically if the battery starts to overheat during charging. If you need to see how much juice Add has left, you can shake it to see the battery meter.

So, for those whose daily power consumption is on the far, far right end of the bell curve, might as well double up. Add comes in white, pink, and sky blue, with a grey supplementary battery pack. You can get Add for $80.70 now off Amazon.

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