Tote Around Your iPad in the Kit from Louis Vuitton


If designer tablet sleeves haven’t vaulted their way up into the holiday pantheon of designer handbags, video game consoles, and computing devices, then they’re clearly well on their way. Take the Louis Vuitton Kit, which will surely be one of the finest ways to tote your (perhaps new) tablet around in style.

The Kit features Louis Vuitton’s trademark Damier Couleur canvas. That means, crucially, other people will be able to tell it’s a Louis Vuitton bag from thirty paces. The bag is available in maroon, yellow, orange, and grey, and is roughly iPad sized, so it should fit just about every tablet on the market now.

It’s going to be a guaranteed hit for a whole lot of tablet-owning ladies out there this holiday season, which I guess is kind of like saying 60 percent of the time, it works every time. Point is, you probably know exactly who would love this bag. Also, the $1,230 lets you know for sure the kit is that bag this year.

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