Minecraft: The Avengers Skin Pack Lands on Xbox 360

MarvelHeroesScreenshotJust because the new consoles are out doesn’t mean the old ones are by any means dead. The Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 likely still have long lives ahead of them. For the Xbox 360, today that means another new skin pack from Minecraft – this one based on The Avengers.

The DLC pack, which will cost $2.99, will include skins for all The Avengers, plus a lot of their allies and enemies. 35 new character skins will be introduced in all. We can safely assume there will be new texture packs and saved worlds, too – you can see a glorious blocky Stark Tower in one of the screenshots. The DLC will be exclusive to the Xbox 360, as it’s the result of an exclusive partnership between Microsoft, Marvel, and Mojang, the development team behind Minecraft.

No release date for the DLC pack has been given yet, just that it’ll be coming soon. The Marvel pack will join the Skyrim and Mass Effect skins that came out earlier this year, also for the Xbox 360, but this Marvel pack will apparently come in at a dollar cheaper than those previous DLC packs.


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