Relive the Days of Dial-up with the Music Modem Instrument Keyboard

modemAhh, the sweet, sweet sounds of the dial-up modem – do you remember them? It wasn’t that long ago that we used to get our Internet fix from a 56k modem. That is, before the modem was silenced by DSL, Cable, and FIOS – there was a thrill we would all get as we logged onto AOL or CompuServe. Hearing that ping pang noise meant we were getting connected to the brand new world of chat rooms and email.

And now thanks to the Music Modem keyboard instrument, those classic noises of our youth are not gone for good. The Music Modem keyboard instrument acts as a time capsule of sorts, that stores a full range of your favorite dial-up modem sounds in 3 modes, 5 tones and 8 notes. The 3.5mm jack input also gives you the ability to connect it to an outside source for even more musical integration. Talk about a nerd jam session or future Will.i.am hit!

There is no price or availability yet for the Music Modem but we’re sure that it will land somewhere soon.

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