Neubac Promises to Relieve Back Pain – Wirelessly

screenshot_1866 Which hurts worse, your back pain or your head when you think about what you have to do to alleviate that back pain? If you’re in pain just thinking about that question, Neubac wants your attention. They have a new device that will soon be appearing at CES, and it’s set to be a savior for those beset with back pain.

Neubac is a thin, flexible pad that sticks onto your back with the assistance of gel pads. You can wear it under clothing, so if you have chronic back pain, you can wear it around all day, although Neubac recommends that you not do so if your job involves working with heavy machinery. Why? Because Neubac works by using electrical stimulation on your back. But, electrical doesn’t mean inconvenient – the battery is good for 150 30-minute sessions, and there are no wires or straps to deal with. All you need is the Neubac itself and a small wireless remote.

Granted, electrical stimulation kinda sounds dangerously close to the snake oil category of consumer products, but fortunately, Neubac has actually been kind enough to explain how their product works. Neubac uses TENS – Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation – to stimulate the back. The electrical signals do two things – suppress pain by disrupting the pain receptors in your nerves and increase the amount of endorphins your body produces. Basically, Neubac will be tricking your body into thinking that nothing is causing you pain and that you’re constantly exercising, hence the endorphins, which decrease your sensitivity to pain.

Neubac is a pretty good deal – it’s FDA approved, you can get it over the counter, and you don’t need to take any extra drugs with it. If you’re suffering under back pain and the high medical costs that come along with it, Neubac looks like it might be able to provide a double dose of pain relief.

Neubac comes with a wireless remote and gel pads, and is selling for $150. You can get replacement gel pads for another $20, once the old ones stop sticking to your back.



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