Nokia Smart Glasses Collab Takes on Google Glass

Vuzix-M2000AR-ElectricianVuzix is really getting into the wearable technology market, and now, along with Nokia, they’ve made a pretty major development in the world of smart glasses.

Their new M2000AR smart glasses will be the first to feature Waveguide optics technology. Waveguide is a different way of letting light through the lenses which, most importantly, doesn’t require the optics to be so bulky. Instead, Vuzix can start making smart glasses that are compatible with traditional glasses frames. The new optics technology focuses light into a small ‘pupil’ in the middle of the lens, which projects a hologram onto the eye.

The M2000AR glasses, which are being developed for the enterprise market, are the first to use this technology. They feature a 720p display and a 1080p camera. They provide a 30 degree angle of vision, and are bright enough to be used in full sunlight. Head tracking and a compass are also integrated into the device.

Of course, this is just the beginning – making smart glasses technology fully compatible with regular glasses frames has been a huge hurdle in the field and it’s pretty much guaranteed that Vuzix and others are going to find more mainstream uses for this new tech in the near future. As for the present, we’ll find out more about the M2000AR glasses when Vuzix shows them off next month at CES.

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