Online Store Fred Flare Out of Business – Explains Why in Blog Post

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Sad news today, as an old online shopping friend from way back has said its farewells. Online novelty shop Fred Flare, which had been up and running since the ancient Internet of the ’90s, has shut its virtual doors for good.

The site got its start in 1998, which means that it also successfully navigated the first dot com bubble burst – no mean feat. But, founders Keith and Chris couldn’t keep the ship afloat any longer. You can read Chris’ post on the Fred Flare blog, which goes into detail about how the quality (and, perhaps worse, quantity) of competition and outdated technology paired up to do Fred Flare in.

For our part, we’re bummed to see a long-time online shopping destination hit the road. There will always be places to buy weird crap for your desk for like $10, but they just won’t be the same. Best of luck to the guys on whatever they get up to next.

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