Philips SlimStyle is a Downright Anorexic Lightbulb

unnamed (2)Starting next year, Philips’ LED light bulbs are going to be cutting back on the fat. Their new SlimStyle light bulbs are going to be thinner than ever – which, in turn, will cut some extra weight off your electricity bill.

The SlimStyle bulbs, which are the equivalent of 60W bulbs, eliminate the need for heat sinks on LED bulbs. That being a whole separate part that Philips would normally have to put up with, the benefits get passed onto you – these bulbs will be a little cheaper than their predecessors when they hit shelves. As for your electricity bill, the SlimStyle will consume 85 percent less energy than its predecessors, so you might want to go stock up on these right off the bat to start taking advantage. It helps that they have a 25,000-hour life span. They can also be dimmed, if you have a dimmer switch.

The eco-friendly, efficient SlimStyle bulbs will be hitting Home Depot exclusively on January 2.

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