QAK Thump Blu Wireless Bluetooth Sports Headphone Review – Uber Affordable Gym Headphones

If you still haven’t found a pair of gym headphones that won’t break the bank, won’t fall out of your ears, and won’t fail the sweat test, the Thump Blu headphones might be it. Thump Blus are wireless bluetooth headphones that wrap around your ear and behind your neck. They have a rubberized sweat-resistant frame so you don’t have to deal with any flailing cables.

Funny story, I’ve been using the Thump Blus for years, but, they were not by QAK and they were not Thump Blus. I can vouch for these as solid gym headphones even if they’re simply just rebranded. You may recognize them as the Motorola S9 or S10.

Design wise, you’ll have a tough time finding a pair of headphones that stay on as well as these. The frame is flexible and pretty durable too. The frame runs over the ears and behind your neck. It’s a little strange, but quick to get used to. Our review unit only came with one pair of eartips; it’s really all you need since the frame pushes the buds into your ear, sort of like a stethoscope.

There’s three buttons on both sides of the earbuds. On the left there’s volume and bluetooth/power. On the right is track controls and play/pause. You can double tap the play/pause button to get access to your phone’s voice activation. There’s even a built-in microphone for ordering around Siri or making phone calls.

The built in rechargeable battery lasts 7 hours and takes 1 hour to charge. It charges with the included mini-USB cable, which is covered by a rubber port covering.

The audio is loud, but nothing to write home about. They sound decent for gym headphones. They’re relatively balanced and don’t distort much at high volumes. They lack on clarity and detail, which may not be a big deal for you at the gym. Let’s just say you probably won’t be wearing the Thump Blus as every day headphones.

In the few weeks of use, the QAK Thump Blus were pretty reliable headphones that worked great at the gym. They pretty much have every feature you could want on gym headphones. The $79.99 retail price is a little much, but if you can score them for the $44.99 price tag on Amazon, they’re worth the price. The Amazon reviews aren’t so keen on customer service, but buying from Amazon is usually a safe bet. Alternatively, you can check out the Motorola S10 gym headphones which are basically the same headphones.

The Good: Built-in controls, Nice fit, Color options, Microphone, Loud, Long battery, Included carrying case
The Bad: Knock offs of Motorola headphones

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  1. Hmmmm, I did ask for the invention of wireless earbuds sort of like this. But did these ones have to be bluetooth and need phone to use ?? What I was wanting was earbuds, that are just earbuds, nothing else, and that can receive a signal from lets say an I pod or storage device that already has your downloaded music you put in it, ready to play , and bonus radio would be nice. Lets say the mp3 player, or a new type mp3, that can simply send the signal right to the buds , without wires and such. That would be a hit, cause not everyone uses phones for music, and they are rather big and bulky , and can easily be stolen or lost. but an mp3 can sit in a pocket or attach more firmly and are small…thats what I wanted to be invented, or ARE THEY??? already invented.

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