Remote Play on the PS4 with PS Vita – Does it Work?

PS Vita If you’re the lucky owner of both a PlayStation 4 then you might be wondering about the remote play feature on the PS Vita. This feature lets you play PS4 games on your Vita, as long as the Vita is connected to the same Wi-Fi network that the PS4 is connected too. To that effect, the remote play feature might be one of the most understated features of the PS4 and also one of the neatest. Why is this feature cool you ask? Because it means that you can play your PS4 games anywhere in your home. So go ahead and play your PS4 in bed, in the kitchen, wherever – you have the freedom to roam! Furthermore, this allows you to free up the TV for someone else to use while you continue to play PS4 games on the Vita. So no more arguments about whose turn it is to use the TV. This can be a life-saver in a family or roommate environment – so perhaps we should call this the “peacekeeper” feature. Last but not least, if you’re short a controller, with Remote Play, the PS Vita can also serve as a pseudo controller. PS Vita First things first, before you attempt to try out the PSP Vita’s remote play feature, make sure that both your PS4 and PSP Vita are up to date with the latest software updates, otherwise you might encounter a buggy experience with remote play. That said, the initial set up process is pretty straightforward and your PS Vita will guide you through the steps of connecting it to your PS4. And color us impressed! Before we knew it, we were playing Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag on our PS Vita with virtually no latency, and the graphics look quite good too – although they are a bit compressed and low res. So ultimately if you want to experience the PS4 games in all their glory, a TV is still the way to go. And as far as controls are concerned, the Vita offers a guide to help direct you with how the PS4 game controls translate to the Vita. Overall, the experience of playing remotely on the Vita with the PS4 is awesome and pretty flawless.

PS Vita
You can control your PS4’s menu system from the PS Vita too

But lets not forget about PS3 gamers – because the PS Vita can also work with Remote Play for the PS3. In addition, the PS Vita also offers a second screen feature for the PS4 system for supported games. The PS Vita retails for $199, so it’s not a cheap investment, but it’s also arguably the most advanced dedicated handheld gaming console on the market. All in all, the Remote Play feature on the PS Vita might be understated, but being able to play PS4 games in bed? Well that’s just priceless.


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  1. Just wanted to clear up a couple of things:

    1) The remote play feature works outside of your home as well. I have successfully used the remote play feature using LTE and using my internet connection at work.

    2) Remote play on the PS3 only works for a very few games that have the feature enabled.

    I love this feature for my PS4 and Vita system.

  2. Can the Vita be used a second screen controller for the PS4, to control non-gaming aspects of the system? For example, can I use it to control the Netflix and Hulu apps? Or is it just for streaming games?

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