Sole Sanitizer Rids Your Feet of Germs

soleThe world finally has a Robin to the doormat’s Batman. The Sole Sanitizer’s already got a formidable archenemy, too – the shudder-inducing throng of bacteria and germs that gather on the bottom of your shoes daily.

The Sole Sanitizer resembles a bathroom scale in shape and size, but has two pads for your shoes, underneath which are ultraviolet lights. The frequency of the UV waves is high enough to do debilitating damage to the DNA of microorganisms, effectively dismantling them on the genetic level. The upshot of that is that, in theory, the success rate for killing bacteria and germs crawling around on the underside of your shoes should be 100 percent.

Of course, you still need the other half of the duo – you should probably wipe dirt off on the mat first. The germophobes of the world (and anyone with young children) should probably get a lot of use out of this. Otherwise, don’t be surprised if you start seeing the Sole Sanitize pop up in places with heavy public traffic like hospitals and hotels soon. You can contact PuriSan about getting a pre-order in now, but don’t expect the Sole Sanitizer itself until spring of next year.

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